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CPS-UB Series

It’s a high spec direct thermal printer that can print on both sides.
You can select the head size on the top and bottom according to the application.


Print on both sides simultaneously.
There is a wide selection of options, such as 4-sided on both sides, 4-inch on front and 2-inch on back, 2-inch on front and 4-inch on back, 2-sided on both sides.
If you select a ribbon, you can print different colors on one side, and the design is excellent.

Easy management of printed contents on upper and lower sides by PC

Use in the set: Feeder / Stacker

We combine with direct thermal printers and auto labelers and support paper feeding and work stocking.

In-pack label date printing

CPS-85E / SCS (radial type)


This machine is equipped with a radial type printer on the in-pack label printing machine.
We can propose a significant reduction of running cost!

Specifications (It may be different depending on the destination country.)

Work size70~340(W)×110~400(L)
Printing methodThermal ribbon heat transfer method
4 inches head 12 dots 1280 dots / line
2 inch head 12 dots 640 dots / line
Print head4 inches 12dot×24+2 inches 12dot×22 inches 12dot×2
Print area106×200mm(L)×2106×200mm(L)+53×200mm(L)53×200mm(L)×2
Printing speed / number of processed sheets200mm/sec【100mm/sec~250mm/sec (Changeable setting)】/40 sheets / (A5 size) ※1
Character typeBarcode (2of5[ITF]、JAN[13.8]、2of7[NW7]、3of9[CODE29]、
CODE・128[CODE SUBSET A、B、C]) ・OCR・Line・CR code・Win font 8 types・Vertical、Horizontal enlargement (1 to 4 times)・ANK・Chinese character
Print position / Print directionFree setting (There are a dead zone in some areas, and an unprintable position.)
0° / 90° / 180° / 270°
External dimensions590×330×370
Power supply / WeightAC100V・600W・50/60Hz・40kg
OptionEditing software・Feeders・Stackers・Charge removal device

※1 The number of processed sheets changes depending on the work status and serial status.