We are providing industrial printer and service, maintenance for manufacturing factory.
Please contact us Shinmei Co.,Ltd for industrial printer anytime and anything about direct printing or labeling on flexible packaging and bag packaging. Shinmei Co.,Ltd industrial printer is printing correctly for date of shelf life, barcode, QR code coding, identifying marks Marking, raw materials and ingredients indicating on flexible Packaging or bag packaging for various products in the industrial manufacturing factory.
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Industrial Direct Thermal Printer for Packaging Machine

Just size for various packing machines

Industrial Desktop-Type Direct Thermal Printer

Enables efficient empty bag printing

Industrial Auto Labeler

Greatly improves work efficiency by intuitive operation

Check Stamper

Eliminate the trouble of manual work

Feeder / Stacker

Support for soft packaging supply smoothly



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Because it’s accurate, secure, and easy to use, they are used in a wide range of industries.