Inquiry about printing test

Please consult us Shinmei if it is a matter of printing to the packaging material.

We propose the best solution for the problems of coding printing and displaying.

・I want to test whether the printing and display contents can be printed on the actual packaging material.

・I want to know how many sheets can be printed per minute with printing contents and packaging material.

・I want to consult whether the print ing and the display content is good in this.

・I decided what kind of packaging material I decided on the printing and display contents, but do not know what package should Be chosen.

・I do not know the printing method suitable for the manufacturing process.

If you request a print test, we will follow the steps below.

Request for print test from email form

Check the contents of the print

Checking of packaging materials

Selection of thermal printers, equipment, thermal ribbons, etc.

Conduct print tests

Sending print-tested products

Check printing

Proposal and quotation of thermal printer and other equipment, thermal ribbon

Check the contents

Inquiry about printing test

Please feel free to contact us if you need a printing test for your consideration.