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Industrial Direct Thermal Printer

Since its release, thermal printers for packaging machines have been used in many factories such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial, etc. due to their compact size and easy maintenance.

Desktop Direct Thermal Printer

Since its release, desktop direct thermal printers have been used in many factories such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial and etc. due to easy installation and maintenance as an industrial direct thermal printer that prints directly on empty packaging.

Industrial Auto Labeler

Automatically apply labels to various objects. We have various kinds of machines according to the application, such as simple type, desktop type and line installation type.

Check Stamper

Stamp automatically on the targeted part. We improve the efficiency of stamping widely from relatively small labels that indicate the size and date in the egg pack to large-size paper such as A3 size.

Feeder / Stacker

Automatically feed empty soft packaging by connecting with direct thermal printer or auto labeler.
We offer various types suitable for your application.

Other Products

Shinmei’s other products: chicken egg content inspection device, bottle labeler, and ticket printer


Various consumables such as labels, inks, and thermal ribbons.