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Desktop Direct Thermal Printer

Since its release, desktop direct thermal printers have been used in many factories such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial and etc. due to easy installation and maintenance as an industrial direct thermal printer that prints directly on empty packaging.


[Food Industry]
Rice confectionery, seaweed processing, seasoning, food additive, retort food, pickles, seafood, agricultural products, oyster paste, sweet potato, green onion, shirataki, giftware, sugar beets, sauce, milk powder, chicken, pork, beef, frozen food, soft drinks , Udon, cut vegetables, bento, rice ball, dried bonito, tofu, deep-fried tofu, soup stock, salad, fish processing, chicken egg, rice, lunch, miso, soy sauce, soy sauce, dairy products etc

[Distribution Processing Industry]
Packaging etc.

[Medical Industry]
Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical products, etc.

[Chemical Industry]
Adhesives, cosmetics, fertilizers, chemicals, etc.

[Horning Industry]
Miscellaneous goods, special nails, daily necessities, ceramic etc.

[Horning Industry]
Seedlings, compost, feed, etc.

Desktop Type Single-Sided Direct Thermal Printer SMP-350P

It supports up to 106W to 200Lmm on date printing. It’s suitable for small lot of many products because films are automatically supplied.

卓上型 片面ダイレクトサーマルプリンター SMP-350P

Desktop Type Duplex Direct Thermal Printer CPS-UB

It supports double-sided simultaneous printing, and product label sticking with color printing is unnecessary.

卓上型 両面同時ダイレクトサーマルプリンター CPS-UB

Desktop Type Integrated Direct Thermal Printer AFB-350P

It is a compact designed type with an ultra-small printer listed on the automatic feeding device. It supports direct printing on film from date-only printing up to 53W x 200Lmm.

卓上型 一体ダイレクトサーマルプリンター AFB-350P

Desktop Type Manual Feed Direct Thermal Printer SMP-HP

It supports up to 106W to 200Lmm on date printing. It’s suitable for small lot of many products.

卓上型 手差ダイレクトサーマルプリンター SMP-HP

Desktop Type Roll Film Direct Thermal Printer RPS

It’s for small lot of many products which are not supported by gravure printing. It’s suitable for coffee, tea and other powdery products.

卓上型 ロールフィルムダイレクトサーマルプリンター RPS