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Simultaneous labeling and checking
More accurate and easy to use chicken egg GP line compatible system

Shinmei first sold to the egg industry in 1987. Since then, check printers and labelers have been introduced at many GP centers, including check stampers. Those machines print out dates like expiration date, which is essential for food products. In the recent food industry, the “display” such as the expiration date is required as an important thing for consumers and buyers. Shinmei continues to contribute to the egg industry.

Equipped with rich check function


Date Printing
Image Check




Confirmation of
Repack Product



The purpose may be just to put a label on the egg pack, but we have added values in our products.
It has been made by Shinmei’s long-standing commitment to the chicken and egg industry.
There are convenient functions such as date print image check device, ball drop and content check function, repack product check function, pack identification device and so on.
content check function, repack product check function, pack identification device and so on.
We have a deep knowledge about the industry and have equipped various check functions with the standard machine.

Easy system with only 4 touch

Label Set
Power ON
Select Product
Start Printing

Easy operation has been realized to reduce the burden on the site.
Our machine starts immediately with the minimum necessary work.


From small farms to large GP centers

We support from small farms to large GP centers. We propose and provide various products that are necessary and important in the egg industry.
Things which is not well known are consumables such as labels and sealing tapes, and egg loss detection devices in the GP line. We introduce accurate and reliable products to reduce problems of our customers.

*Photo is a blind spot detection device

This machine is equipped with a radial type printer on the in-pack label printing machine.
It greatly reduces the running cost.

This machine equips with a system that checks for errors in the date printouts of “Expiration date” and “Pack date” printed on egg pack labels with a high-precision camera.