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Egg content detection device

Compared to the conventional egg loss detection, it detects the presence / absence and content loss of eggs with higher accuracy!


This device uses the weak radio waves of microwaves to more accurately check for the presence of eggs. Unlike conventional transmission sensors, microwave sensors are a completely new inspection method that checks moisture in eggs. It enables you to inspect without the influence of the container shape, in addition to the presence of in-pack label, top paste seal, bean seal etc.

You can check the presence of the egg while closed the lid regardless of the transparent pack and the mold pack. In addition, we recommend you to install at the end of your GP line as an accurate ball drop inspection device.

    Date inspection camera for egg line


    This machine is equipped with a system that uses a high-precision camera and checks for errors in the date printouts of “Expiration date” and “Packed date” printed on egg pack labels.

    Specifications (It may be different depending on the destination country.)

    Egg content check device

    CapacityMax. 80 packs/min
    Conveyor speedMax. 30M/min
    WorkS-LL size mix available
    Packing styleTransparent pack / mold pack
    (Applicable to after pasting seal, in-pack label, and bean seal)
    Number of packages10,8,6,4 pieces
    Conveyor length: 1,500 mm for 12 pieces
    Operation display4 type touch panel
    Power supplyAC100V 3A (without conveyor)