Direct Thermal Printer for Packaging Machine (SCS)

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Continuous type (head fixed)

SCS400c Series SCS410c /SCS420c/ SCS430c

It enables you to install multiple devices because of its compact size body,
You can reduce running cost by adding a radial control function (ribbon save function).


The ultra compact design allows installation in a small space. We adopt a continuous system that follows the encoder and forms characters. You can choose from 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch depending on the application.

  • SCS410c Print area 32mm×100mm
  • SCS420c Print area 53.3mm×200mm
  • SCS430c Print area 74.6mm×200mm

Radial ribbon save control

Continuous type addopts a method which prints while the film is flowing under the printer head. There are two patterns: one for printing at right angles to the film and the other for printing in the flow direction.
When used in applications that print single-line dates, right-angle printing uses the full ribbon width, so you don’t waste it. However, in the case of flow printing, since the ribbon is consumed horizontally to the ribbon width, the upper and lower parts of the ribbon are wasted.

The “radial ribbon save control” function has been developed as a solution for that problem.
Direct thermal printer with this function automatically arranges and controls the character height and number of lines automatically.
We introduced this system only to 1 inch printer, but it will be an effective option for those who require date printing.


Touch panel input device WS 100

WS-100 is an interface for our direct thermal printer.
Select the print data registered in advance in the SD card, and input/set the various information such as print timing, number of prints, date of manufacture, expiration date, lot number, etc.

タッチパネル入力装置 WS100

Intermittent type (head movement)

SCS400i Series SCS410i/SCS420i

Compact size and easy installation. It realizes head movement according to print length.


We adopt an intermittent type that moves the head and prints when the film stops. Since the head moves, the size is slightly larger than the continuous type, but it is still a compact design. Currently 2 inches and 3 inches are under development and only 1 inch is now available. Because the printing area is limited, please use it for specific purposes, such as production date, expiration date, and lot number.

  • SCS410i Print area 32mm×40mm
  • SCS420i Print area 53.3mm×40mm

Image check device

Attached to the back of the direct thermal printer, it instantly determines the condition of the printed date.
Since the film timing is registered and stored in the input device (WS-100), the image check device starts working with the start of the printer without doing anything on site.
If it can’t determine the date with no printing or thining, it notifies to operators as NG and prevent printing errors.


Continuous type


Automatic packaging machines: the same direct thermal printer unit as the desktop CPS-354Pro II

It is a continuous type dedicated direct thermal printer that can print a large print area of up to 4 inches (106 mm x 200 mm). It has a large printing area with its 4 inch printer head.
It is recommended for those who are not satisfied with 3 inches and want to have a little larger print.

Specifications (It may be different depending on the destination country.)

Continuous type (head fixed) SCS400c series

Product Name / ModelSCS410cSCS420cSCS430c
External dimensions124(W)×187(H)×60(D)124(W)×187(H)×82(D)144(W)×198(H)×112(D)
Power supplyDC24・4ADC24V・6ADC24V・10A
Tracking speed60~500mm/sec60~500mm/sec60~500mm/sec
Maximum print width32×100mm53.3×200mm74.6×200m
Thermal ribbon36×300M57×300M82×450M
Printing methodThermal transfer
Printing density300dpi
Flow directionRight and left handed
Input methodTouch panel input device or PC
InterfaceUSB・RS232C(Option: LAN [SCS430]):CAN
Calendar functionAuto calendar
FontWindows font
Operating temperatureTemperature 5~40℃, Humidity 10~85% (no dew condensation)
Radial control1 to 5 divisions

Intermittent type (head movement) SCS400i series

Product Name / ModelSCS410iSCS420iSCS430i (in development)
External dimensions165(W)×187(H)×60(D)165(W)×187(H)×82(D)
Power supplyDC24V・3ADC24V・6A
Tracking speed100~200mm/sec100~200mm/sec
Maximum print width32×40mm53.3×40mm
Thermal ribbon36×300M57×300M
Printing methodThermal transfer
Printing density300dpi
Flow directionRight and left handed
Input methodTouch panel input device or PC
Calendar functionAuto calendar
FontWindows font
Operating temperatureTemperature 5~40℃, Humidity 10~85% (no dew condensation)

Continuous type CPS-64Pro

Product Name / ModelCPS-64Pro
Work sizeRoll film width
Printing methodThermal ribbon heat transfer method
4 inches head 12 dots 1280 dots / line
2 inch head 12 dots 640 dots / line
Print head4 inches 12 dots
Print area106×200mm(L)
Printing speed / number of processed sheets200mm/s【80mm/s~300mm/s (Changeable setting)】
90 sheets/min MAX Encoder mountable
Character typeBarcode (2of5[ITF]、JAN[13.8]、2of7[NW7]、3of9[CODE29]、
CODE・128[CODE SUBSET A、B、C]) ・OCR・Line・CR code・Win font 8 types・Vertical、Horizontal enlargement (1 to 4 times)・ANK・Chinese character
Print position / Print directionFree setting (There are a dead zone in some areas, and an unprintable position.)
0° / 90° / 180° / 270°
External dimensions160×330×280
Power supply / WeightAC100V・120W・50/60Hz・8kg(64Pro)
OptionEditing software, encoder