Direct Thermal Printer for Packaging Machine

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Direct Thermal Printer for Packaging Machine

Since its release, direct thermal printers for packaging machines have been used in many factories such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial, etc. due to their compact size and easy maintenance.


[Food Industry]
Bread, simmered food, food for business use, food additive, tea making, tea bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, Chinese confectionery, Japanese confectionery, frozen food, fishery, smoked, retort, brown rice, cooking processing, rice processing, coffee, jelly, chicken, chicken egg, mozuku, Croquettes, fruits and vegetables, confections, castellas, ingredients, boiled fish, food chain, fried sweets, pickles, seasonings, powdered foods, processed foods, etc.

[Distribution Processing Industry]
Packaging etc.

[Restaurant Industry]
Seasoning, ingredients etc

[Medical Industry]
Dental materials

[Chemical Industry]
Cosmetics etc.

[Manufacturing Industry]
Electronics, plastics etc.

Direct Thermal Printer for Packaging Machine SCS

SCS is a continuous, intermittent microminiature printer with radial control function. Select a 1 to 3 inch printer according to the printing area. It can be installed on vertical pillows, horizontal pillows, etc. It is easy to install and reduce running cost due to its compact size.

産業用包装機対応ダイレクトサーマルプリンター SCS