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CS Series CS-85ATⅡ / CS-220ATⅡ / CS-350ATⅡ

General-purpose automatic stamping / Counter check stamper


Check stamper is a compact general automatic stamp counter that can quickly stamp on the targeted part.

It became easy to replace the stamped plate by introducing one-touch plate. This machine supprts from small labels such as egg packs to large ones of A3 size.
It helps your work if you always stamp the same size on the same place such as stamping revocation on various types of cash vouchers, official seals on invoices, and date on a variety of tickets.
We support three types of general machines depends on the width of the work.
The system is quite simple. When the work steps on the sensor, the drum on which the stamp plate is sete rotetes once.
It’s an easy operation with touch panel. You set the number of sheets and register the stamp position on this touch panel. From next time you only have to select the registered code. In addition, you are able to stamp the specified number if you set the sheets on this touch panel.

Shipping label, parts label, warranty card, carton, reception slip, gift certificate, admission ticket, shipping slip, check, coupon, date stamp on invoice, number stamp, circle, reception seal, inspection pass mark, name seal, Lot number, part number chicken egg industry, travel agency, amusement park, ski resort, various entertainment facilities, hotel, liquor sales association, specialty store association, printing company, electric machine maker etc.

CS Series CS-85BⅡ / CS-350BⅡ / CS-SAPⅡ

Handrail endorsement / automatic stamping machine for bill drawing


There are “small endorsement dedicated automatic stamper” and “Bill & endorsement combination automatic stamper”, and both are equipped with a dual detection device.

Signing and imprinting of bills is a repetition of simple tasks, but it is one of the important tasks.
Based on the check stamper, we made a product which supports bill endorsement of accounting department and financial institution.

The stamping position is not a detailed setting by the numerical value, but can be made instantaneously by turning the switching dial to the limited position in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages. In addition, a control key is set in the cover of stamping plate and it locks when the key is removed. We assure the high security. The important signature version can be removed with one touch, so you can safely keep it after use.

For signature, seal, seal, stamp stamp, endorsement (signature, seal), endorsement (seal) for financial institution, leasing company, finess company, department store, and construction industry.

CS Series CS-220PFⅡ / CS-220PFNⅡ

Automatic sealer check stamper for A4 size travel brochure

This product is developed based on the check stamper. It is a product that can be used for the purpose of imprinting the company name and store name on a travel brochure for travel agencies.
The work is not a paper, but is assumed to be a booklet with a thickness and weight up to about 6 mm, so the height adjustment part of the reverse roller can be roughened. The transport feed side is also standard designed to increase torque by changing from cam type to belt type.
Optional W inking allows for sharper impressions and is used in many brochure stampers.
The pamphlet stamper becomes the best solution if the speed is required.

Switching from stamper

Plateless direct thermal printer system

With the introduction of the direct thermal printer, you won’t be worried about the troubles of daily plate replacement work and dirty hands due to ink replenishment. Therefore, the work efficiency is significantly improved.
The printed contents can be easily created and managed on a personal computer, making it easy to change company name / address change / contact person’s name.
There is no need to make a plate, and the data you have created can be printed immediately, so you do not have to wait for its completion.

Many customers have introduced our system including check stamper and in-pack date-stamping machines in egg industry. Also, recently, our customers have purchased a thermal printer type with calendar function, which has good print quality from print type and does not require date print replacement.

Specifications (It may be different depending on the destination country.)

CSシリーズ CS-85ATⅡ / CS-220ATⅡ / CS-350ATⅡ

External dimensions345(W)×195(H)×205(D)345(W)×195(H)×326(D)345(W)×195(H)×456(D)
Power supplyAC100V 50W
Capacity150 sheets/min120 sheets/min90 sheets/min
Load capacity70mm(Height) Approx.100 sheets
Stamping range75(W)×150(L)180(W)×150(L)300(W)×150(L)
Paper size30-100(W)
Ink deviceSelf-contained ink roller
Ink colorRed・Blue・Black etc.

CS-85BⅡ (endorsement only) CS-350BⅡ (handout / endorsement) CS-SAPⅡ

External dimensions345(W)×195(H)×205(D)345(W)×195(H)×456(D)670(W)×360(H)×300(D)
Power supplyAC100V 50W 50/60HzAC100V 150W 50/60Hz
Sealed place (Quote)Signature seal・Representative employee・Date・Stamp duty seal・Percussion
(Endorsement)Signature mark · Representative employee · Insurer (bank name etc.)
Processing speedApprox. 90 sheets/minApprox. 50 sheets/min
Load sectionApprox. 50 sheetsApprox. 100 sheets
Stamp position confirmationManual settingConfirm seal of each step with camera, and equipped with specified seal position automatic function


External dimensions345(W)×195(H)×326(D)
Power supplyAC100V 50W
CapacityMax. 90 sheets/min (flyer)
Load capacityMax. 80mm
Pamphlet thicknessMax. 6mm
Sealing range180(W)×100(H)mm
Paper sizeMax. A4 size vertical flow
Ink deviceSelf-contained ink roller
Ink colorBlack, Blue, Red