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Introduction of check stamper automates routine simple tasks and improves productivity.

About the stamping work;
It may be no problem to do by hand if it’s only a few sheets, but it becomes a huge task as it increases.
For example, it is necessary to seal various sheet-fed documents such as A4 size travel brochures, invalid certificates on various kinds of vouchers (such as gift certificates), and receipts certifying receipt.
Automatic stamper improves work efficiency.

The pamphlet stamper is designed to be able to roughly adjust the thickness to some extent, and other single-wafer stampers are designed to be able to finely adjust the thickness.
Moreover, you can easily change the function by changing the settings when you want to count the numbers of documents.
*Counter only works for counting numbers and not stamping.

Manual to Stamper

Applicable to booklets of various sizes and thickness

A wide range of A4 size leaflets to brochures up to 6 mm thick, compatible machines are available for your application.

The following 3 types are available as standard machines.

Check Stamper
CS-85ATⅡApplication to relatively small paper up to 90 mm in width
CS-220ATⅡApplication to A4 size vertical sink level
CS-350ATⅡApplication to A4 size vertical sink level