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It prints the guarantee slip explaining the required minimum fertilizer name and ingredient on plain bag.

This machine prints a certificate that explains the minimum required fertilizer name and ingredients on a plain bag.
For small-lot products, it enables you to reduce losses with 10 yen discount (per 20 kg)!

Model SMP-650HP4W(手差し式)
Model SMP-650HP4W (Manual feed type)
Head size4 inches
Head quantity2
Maximum print area106(W) × 200(L)
Work size300〜630(W) × 200〜750(L) ※1
Printing methodThermal ribbon heat transfer method
Capacity10〜30 sheets/min ※2
Print dataPC (USB connection)・PC/OS Win 7 (32・64bit)
Feed methodManual feed type
Printing speed150mm/sec (Standard)
Dot density300dpi
Editing softwareDirect Kobo S・E
External dimensions800(W) × 412(H) × 2288.3(D) ※3
Power supplyAC100V・600W × 2 50・60Hz
WeightApprox. 130kg ※3

※1. Diagonal sensor effective 300-600 (W) × 200 (W) × 750 (L)
※2. The processing capacity changes with the work dimensions. The smaller the work size, the better the processing power.
※3. Weight of main unit, manual feed guide, and pan.
※4. Specifications are subject to change without notice.