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Management philosophy

Aiming to become a company that contributes to the well-being of employees and the development of the world in the spirit of “NEVER GIVE UP” through manufacturing

Corporate philosophy

  1. Contribute to the development of the industry by reducing troubles in each industry such as labor saving, environmental and compliance issues.
  2. Create new common sense, develop more products that make the world more convenient, and always try to bring them to market.
  3. Always think about “Toughness to yourself, and kindness to others” and develop people who can think about things according to the other party’s position and feelings.

Development philosophy

  1. Quickly form unique equipment that can not be imitated by other companies
  2. Much more novel and functional than similar models
  3. Target niche market that is difficult for large companies to enter

Message from CEO

Founded in 1964, Shinmei started from the after-sales service business of Ricoh Co., Ltd. copiers.

Since it was a subcontracting business of Ricoh Co., Ltd., we were stable. However, we knew we were at the risk of losing work if we keep this subcontracting business. We were doubtful in such uncertain future, and started to develop our own original products from 1981. We released our first product “stamping and counting machine for such as gift certificate, checks, bills (marketable securities)” and many companies have installed at their work place.

Since then we have been marketing that does not stick to one industry. We now supply unique products to the market for various industries.

As the market is becoming increasingly globalized, we are promoting overseas expansion.

We develop more good products and aim to be a company that can contribute to society with a spirit of a manufacturer.

CEO Sadao Yoshii