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Continuous growth of soft packaging market worldwide in 2019

Soft packaging market continues to grow globally as demand from the medical, personal care, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries is growing.
In particular, applications for food and beverages are the most common, and plastic films have been expanding.

In soft packaging, packaging materials with a wide variety of functions are made by enhancing the functions of various films such as base materials, barrier layers, and sealant layers, and combining to combine multiple materials.
Soft packaging is made of flexible materials such as paper, plastic film and aluminum foil, but now plastic film is mainly used.
Single-layer or multi-layer plastic film with a thickness of less than 0.25 mm or other materials (paper, synthetic paper, non-woven fabric, cloth, aluminum foil, etc.) and vapor-deposited on plastic films are becoming standard.
It is used in a wide range of industries and fields such as agricultural products, fisheries, livestock, fresh foods, dried foods, rice grains, various processed foods, cooked foods, beverages, seasonings, spices, medicines, cosmetics, toiletries, electricity, electronic devices, precision instruments, chemical products, photosensitive materials, adhesives, oils and fats, books, stationery, printed matter, DM, daily goods, toys, fertilizers, horticultural soils, pet foods and so on.

User side has also begun to consider the packaging design and configuration because of the rising awareness of global environmental problems such as marine plastic problems, food loss reduction and labor shortage.
In addition to the improvement of conventional function, packaging materials manufacturers need to develop and propose products that meet market and user requirements, such as thinning, mono-materialization, and compatibility between retort and refrigeration and low-temperature transportation.

Types of single-layer soft packaging used as plastic alone include shrink, stretch, PVC polyvinyl chloride, PE-polyethylene, PP-polypropylene and PS-polystyrene. Multi-layered soft packaging has the following characteristics.

Processed food in general
PT / PE, OPP / PE … Moisturizing property and sealing property

Instant noodles, snacks, sweets, and powder seasoning
OPP / CPP … Moisture resistance, oil resistance, transparency, and scratch resistance

Snacks, sweets, dried foods, and rice cakes
PET / PE, PET / CPP, NY / PE … Oil resistance, and boil resistance

Pickles, frozen food, jam, salmon, and liquid soup
KOP / CPP, KOP / PE … Gas barrier property and oil resistance

Deep-fried sweets, deep-fried snacks, and processed meat
KPET / PE, KPET / CPP, KNY / PE, KNY / OPP … gas barrier property, boiling resistance, toughness, and cold resistance

Miso, pickles, menma, liquid soup, and processed meat
PT / PE / AL / PE, OPP / PE / AL / PE, PET / PE / AL / PE … Moisture-proof, light-shielding, and gas-barrier

Powdered food, ramen soup, powdered seasoning, and sprinkled nori
PET / VM / PE … Moisture-proof, light-shielding, and heat blocking

Confectionery, frozen confectionery, snacks, and processed meat
OPP / EVOH / PE … Gas barrier and aroma retention

Chopped bream, miso, and ketchup
PET / CPP, NY / CPP, PET / NY / CPP … Heat resistance, toughness, and water resistance

Retort food (boiled rice, hamburg etc)
PET / AL / CPP, NY / AL / CPP … Light-shielding property, heat resistance, toughness, and water resistance

Retort food (curry, stew, birch, baby food etc)
C-NY / PE, K-CNY / PE, C-NY / EVOH / PE … Heat resistance, gas barrier property, and deep drawability

Vegetables, processed meat products, and rice cakes
PET / AL / CPP, PET / VM-LLDPE … Moisture retention

Wet tissue
NY / AL / PET / CPP, PET / AL / CPP … Aroma and dampproof

PET / NY / LLDPE … Toughness and sealability

Hand soap
PET / PE / AL / PET / LLDPE EMAA … Aroma and dampproof

Bath salt
LLDPE / LLDPE NY / LLDPE … Toughness and dampproof

PET / VM-PET / EVA … Dampproof and lightproof

Fertilizer, feed, pesticides, and agricultural materials
LDPE … Dampproof, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat sealability, impact resistance, and cold resistance

* PE polyethylene, OPP biaxially oriented polypropylene, CPP unstretched polypropylene, PET polyester, NY nylon biaxially stretched, C-NY nylon unstretched, KOP biphenylidene-coated OPP, KPET biidiidene chloride-coated PET, KNY bipyrididene-coated Ny, K-CNY biphenylidene chloride coated CNy, VM aluminum vacuum evaporation, AL aluminum foil, EVOH ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, LDPE low density polyethylene, and LLDPE linear low density polyethylene

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